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Bloodstock Wagon

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Good to see my future son in law Tim, once again picking up the gauntlet by flying the flag for Bloodstock in my wagon on his quest to let all and sundry know about the UK's best metal fest. BLOODSTOCK.


Mountain Trolls

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The storm returned with fresh fury, they heard eerie noises in the darkness  round them. It may have been only a trick of the wind in the cracks and the gullies of the rocky wall, but the sounds were those of shrill cries, and wild howls of laughter. Stones began to fall from the mountain-side, whistling over their heads, or crashing on the path beside them. Every now and again they heard a dull rumble as a great boulder rolled down from hidden heights above.


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The latest painting to come from my studio is titled Urk-hai, size 120”x72” I don?t know how
many miles I walked to and from my easel but I'm sure it's a few. There will be a colour
image of the completed work but for now it?s just me and the canvas.

And yes you're never to old to rock.


RIP Ronnie James Dio

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Today is indeed a sad day for me and I know for metalheads throughout the world, the demise of one of the true legends of metal has come to pass. I had the privilege of doing two albums for Dio and only got the opportunity to meet him once, a true gentleman in every sense and a giant of the genre .
My condolences to the family and all true fans of the music we love.

RIP Ronnie


Justice: Molly Hatchet

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Molly Hatchet’s new album

Molly Hatchet’s latest cover, Justice, my seventh for the band the first being Devil’s Canyon in 1996.

June 1st, 2010 marks the release of MOLLY HATCHET’S latest studio effort Justice. The album has been receiving rave reviews and the new songs are being heralded as instant classics. In celebration of the release of the album MOLLY HATCHET has been named’s band of the week. With a North American tour lined up for this summer MOLLY HATCHET are ready to unleash their own brand of Justice upon everyone.

To Bobby Ingram, brain, guitarist and main songwriter of American Southern rock act MOLLY HATCHET, the term ‘Justice’ is more than just a word. To him, this basic concept expresses his whole philosophy of life. Justice, fairness, trust between friends, family members, parents and their children: what could be more important? MOLLY HATCHET live this maxim, to them this solemn promise applies not only within the international Southern Rock community, but also to their music and its impact on their fans. Yet Ingram saves himself any kind of self-assessment, leaving the verdict on MOLLY HATCHET’S latest offering, Justice, to his audience. “Have we evolved as a band? Have we become better? Stronger? These are questions that everybody should answer for themselves when they have listened to our new album. I’m sure that the clarification of this matter will turn out in our favor.”

Ingram’s confidence, his joy and his pride in the new material on Justice are well warranted. A dozen rock numbers prove that MOLLY HATCHET are justly considered to be on par with legends such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers. Justice is marked by hot Southern Rock that is exceptionally powerful and diverse. Almost every single track signals its musical and thematic direction. As front man Phil McCormack unmistakably sings on ‘American Pride’: “Got that American pride with that southern style, born and bred something deep inside.” And the title track is pretty much representative of the whole album: “We need some Justice to make the wrong into right.”

At the same time, MOLLY HATCHET don’t just broadcast these type of statements, they fill them with altruistic commitment, the most impressive example being ‘Fly On Wings Of Angels (Somer’s Song)’, which is based on a true story. MOLLY HATCHET have dedicated this haunting track to seven-year-old Somer Thompson from Florida, who was abused and brutally murdered. Without a second’s hesitation, Ingram and the band supported Somer’s parents when they needed help, by playing a charity concert to raise money and informing the public about the tragic events. As a listener, you can’t help but be moved when you hear Somer’s sister Abby Thompson sing at the beginning and end of the track. “Coincidentally, a few days ago a prime suspect was arrested,” Ingram says. “The indications are that he killed her, but we will be fair and not prematurely judge him until all questions have been answered. That’s also part of true Justice.”

There are so many exciting aspects to discover on an album which presents MOLLY HATCHET (Ingram, McCormick, Dave Hlubek (guitar), Tim Lindsey (bass), Shawn Beamer (drums), John Galvin (keyboards)) at the pinnacle of their creativity. MOLLY HATCHET have recorded a true masterpiece; not only in terms of their compositions, but also in terms of its production, Justice leaves nothing to be desired. Producer Ingram is responsible for the awesome sound, supported by sound engineer Tommy Newton, who mixed the album. “I wanted a warm, natural sound, which you only get with an analog mixing desk,” Ingram explains his decision of working with Newton and his Area 51 studio. And so Justice has turned into an album which impresses at all levels: earthy, dynamic, with a lot of love for detail and loads of energy. You could say it’s MOLLY HATCHET at their best!


01. Been To Heaven Been To Hell
02. Safe In My Skin
03. Deep Water
04. American Pride
05. I´m Gonna Live `Til I Die
06. Fly On Wings Of Angels (Somers Song)
07. As Heaven Is Forever
08. Tomorrows And Forevers
09. Vengeance
10. In The Darkness Of The Night

Serpents Lair

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After many years of the arena bar being just called The arena Bar it was decided to give it an identity, hence The Bloodstock Arms. Being a great believer in developing the festival year on year it has been decided to create a bespoke sign for the The VIP BAR this will now be called The Serpents Lair. So for those of you who want a different experience of the festival with your VIP package you now have your own bar.



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Ok gentle folk, this is part news and part me trying out my all new all dancing all singing  admin panel. As you may know I’ve been producing the artwork for my festival from day one, this year Bloodstock  reached a mile stone in it’s evolution,10 years with 11 festivals, 6 indoor and 5 open air. I understand the argument re the 10th anniversary so I’ll not go there. I will be putting up all the images under Bloodstock in the navigation bar once the web guy has altered that area. Mean time here it is.




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Bloodstock is delighted to announce the addition of something very special this year. Members of the Bloodstock Team have gathered forces to create the mighty BLOODSTOCK ALL STAR BAND!

Fronted by the bearded wander – Lee Heydon, this promises to be the most energetic and interactive show that Bloodstock has witnessed in its ten year history. Covering bands such as KISS, MANOWAR, MEATLOAF & VIXEN, Lee is determined to make this a special show...

“Kiss has obviously played a major role in my life and I want to do it as much justice as possible, so if it means wearing Spandex and Face Paint – then so be it. But as importantly Manowar have also been a huge inspiration and the Spandex maybe substituted with Crotch-Less Leather Trousers! As for Vixen’s influence on the show – I’d rather not comment.”

Lee will be joined on stage by an array of hidden musical talent who will unleash this Metal Extravaganza to the Bloodstock masses.......

Lee Heydon (The Bearded Wander) – Lead Vocals
Rob Bannister (The Silent Assasin) – Bass Guitar and Backing Growls
Lisa McNally – (Mistress Rock Soc) – Keyboards and Symphonic Screams
Adam Gregory – (The Dodgy Death Dealer) – Lead Guitar and Camp Facial Expressions.
Fatboy – (Fatboy) – Tambourine and Kazoo.

The band will also be joined on stage by backing dancers and legends in the making –


Vicky & Rachael Gregory are joining forces with former Pineapple Studio’s regular Simon Hall in delighting the crowd with a full on routine. Simon explains...

“Obviously I’m trained in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance, but for this performance we intend to recreate the drama of the songs and add a touch of spice!

The attention to detail is essential and we are discussing costumes as we speak, but needless to say Leg Warmers, Leotards and Sweatbands will be a definite– and all in Pink (Vicky’s Choice)”


We promised an interactive performance and that’s exactly what is being offered ....

For one show only, Paul Gregory (Bloodstock Founder and Chief Whip Cracker) will be painting a unique backdrop in real time and sacrificing his paint pots to the Gods of Metal! The likes of Rolf Harris (Paul’s inspiration for much of his former creations), has never attempted such an undertaking and it promises to be an eye watering spectacle.

Bloodstock Open Air

By The Crew – For The Fans !

Rock Hard Germany

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Can you tell us something about yourself? (Age, where do you live etc.)

I was born in Derby, England in 1949, where I still live. Derby is about 20 kilometres from Donnington, birth place of the first Monsters of Rock Festival. Derby is aIso on the edge of the Peak District where I spent many happy hours painting outdoors, something all artists should do, nothing better than painting from life. I like to keep my aging body in some kind of condition so I weight train, something I have done since my teenage years. I also enjoy motor bikes, I currently have a 1000 cc Aprilia, my pride and joy. The only other person I allowed to ride it was Biff from Saxon, not just a wild man with a mike, also a wild man on a bike.


Biff on my bike. Click the picture above to go to the saxon website

What was your first contact with Rock-Music? (Not the Artwork-Business!)

I was a child of the sixties, I believe the most innovative period for music to date. The bands of that era would be Dylan, The Rolling stones, The Beatles, The Who, Cream, The Doors, the list is endless, I consider myself privileged having been there. Of all the genre of music, I have to say blues was my first love, and if you consider how many early bands were influenced by the music, you can see how Rock and Metal was born. 

What was your first job for a band?

My first job for a band was for Saxon, I was introduced to their management through a mutual friend, The Album was Crusader and the rest as they say is history. It was also the first and last time I designed a stage set.

What are your working-methods?

I paint in oil on canvas, I also use acrylic and in the past pastel, a real hands on medium. When I’m doing a cover I always send rough ideas via email, when I consider how much it used to cost to get images to different parts of the globe, all I can say is long live the computer and digital camera.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Inspiration, well I find many things inspiring , music, reading, walking. I started a series of paintings inspired by J.R.R.Tolkien’s “The Lord of The Rings” some twenty-five years ago. I’m still producing this series to date.

Please describe your "style" in a few sentences.

Ever evolving. Figurative fantasy art. If I do a cover it’s style in part is dictated by the band, Molly Hatchet covers, have always had the epic conan warrior, originally designed by the great Frank Frazetta. Saxon’s covers are different again. This is one of the reasons I enjoy painting covers, it can often take you down a path you would not have otherwise trod.

How closely do work together with the musicians?

I always try to get as much input from the band as possible and they have to date always obliged, but some do have more input than others. When I did the cover “A Night at the Opera” for Blind Guardian they had a specific idea they wanted, I was sending visuals and changing areas all the time to arrive at the final cover. It was great fun.

Are there any working-relationships that have become a real friendship?

I am by nature an easy going sort of guy and given enough time might grow on you. So the bands I’ve worked with the longest, Saxon and Molly Hatchet I consider friends, but having said that all the bands I have worked with I consider friends.

What do you take as your best work/finest hour? Why?

I don’t, many years ago I held an exhibition at my then Gallery of a notable artist who was then in his late seventies, Terrance Cuneo, who has since past on to that great canvas in the sky.
I asked him a similar question, what was your best work? His reply, for which I shall be eternally grateful, ‘the next one’. 

What was your most interesting/challenging job?

All the work I do would comes under that category.

Are there any funny background-anecdotes to one of your works that might Want to tell us about?

Can’t think of any right now, but I’m sure there are.

Your favourite bands right now? Why?

I don’t subscribe to the idea you have to have a favourite band, Painter, Author. I don’t think in those terms.

Are there other cover-artists that you like? Idols, Inspirations, Heroes?

One of the greatest illustrators has to be Frank Frazetta, if there’s a great composition he’s already done it. But my influences as an artist are many and varied. I’ve always been inspired by painters, like Raphael, Tuner, also the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood’s approach to painting.

What do you do besides the CD-Artworks?

I am first and foremost a painter, all of my large canvases go to the Leicester Galleries in London. I’m also a promoter. I and my business partner Vince Brotheridge formed amust4music five years ago from which Bloodstock was born. Bloodstock is the UK’s largest and best independent Metal Festival. From Bloodstock, in 2005 came Bloodstock Open Air (B-O-A)

Thomas Jenson of Wacken is a great friend and supporter of Bloodstock and has given us his input to making our festival the success it has become.

How important is a good cover for the success of an album?

I don’t believe that has ever been true, as they say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. However covers can become popular after the success of an album. Artwork is part of the packaging, good artwork will help establish a bands identity but as to the success of the album, that inevitably comes down to the contents.

Do you miss the Vinyl-format?

Yes, this is why I’m currently working on a book of my album art. The size will be vinyl format. It will consist of comments from some or all of the bands, the images will be seen as I intended them to be seen plus loads of other stuff.

Mike Borrink