Bilbo's Eleventy First Birthday

This is the event which begins the adventure of The Lord of the Rings. The party has been long-expected, and as the build up to the party begins, Gandalf the wizard arrives in Hobbiton and speculation is rife. Virtually everyone in Hobbiton and the surrounding area was invited, and presents were given to all the guests, as per hobbit tradition. Although hobbits live a long time, the oldest recorded as making it to 130, 111 was considered a ripe age, and Bilbo's eleventy-first coincided with Frodo coming of age at 33 making this a double celebration. Lasting all the way through lunch, tea and dinner, the party was a feast featuring singing, dancing, music, games and spectacular fireworks created by Gandalf.

Dinner divided the party, with 144 of Bilbo's relatives being separated from the rest of the guests. It was to this select group of relatives that Bilbo gave a speech, thanking his guests and making reference to his past adventures; the scene shown in the painting. As can be seen, many of his guests felt that his speech was too long and began to focus more on the food and drink than on what Bilbo had to say. At the end of his speech he bids his guests farewell, slips on the ring in his pocket and disappears from sight, to the consternation of those present. This is the last that is seen of Bilbo in Hobbiton, as he leaves the ring, his home and most of his possessions with Frodo and leaves the Shire to live out his days with the Elves in Rivendell.