The Departure of Boromir

Boromir was the son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor, and named in honour of warriors though history who had proved their worth in battle. Boromir came to Rivendell at his father's command, after dreams shared by himself and his brother Faramir, to seek the One Ring in order that it be used to save the world of men. He was never comfortable with the idea of destroying the Ring, wishing to take it to his home of Minas Tirith, and at Parth Galen tried to take it from Frodo by force. After Frodo fled from him to continue his journey without the Fellowship, he realised what he had done, and repented. He was given the chance to redeem himself when Merry and Pippin were attacked by orcs, and he died in their defence.

Aragorn heard the horn of Boromir blow, seeking help, but arrived too late to save him. He found him sitting against a tree holding his broken sword with his cleaven horn at his side. He had been killed by black feathered orc arrows. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas gave him a proper funeral. They carried him to the shore of the river Anduin on a stretcher of branches and set his body afloat in an elven boat to travel down the Anduin. They placed his hood and cloak beneath his head and arranged his long dark hair on his shoulders. His helm was placed beside him, and his broken horn and sword in his lap. At his feet they placed the swords of the orcs he had slain. The Anduin was allowed to take him, where he would come to the falls of Rauros. It was long after said in Gondor that the boat survived the falls and carried Boromir through Gondor and out to sea.