This name was given to two weapons of evil in Middle Earth. The first was Grond the Mace, also known as the Hammer of the Underworld, created by the evil Lord Melkor to be powerful enough to split the earth and create thunderous tumult. The latter weapon, and that shown in this painting, was named in honour of the first, and was the giant battering ram used to break the gates of Minas Tirith when the realm of Gondor was under siege. A hundred feet long and cursed with ruinous spells, the ram swung from mighty chains forged in Mordor. At the front was the likeness of a ravening wolf, forged from black iron. Grond was surrounded by Orcs, drawn by great beasts and swung by mountain-trolls. More than one of the great beasts that drew the ram went mad, and trampled the orcs surrounding it, but their bodies were cast aside and more orcs swiftly replaced them.

It took three strikes of the giant ram to fell the gates of Minas Tirith, which were made of strong wood, iron and steel. The painting shows the moment when the gates were destroyed to the sound of beating drums, and a flood of orcs entered the city to wreak destruction.