Minas Tirith

The name given to Minas Anor after the fall of Minas Ithil, or Osgiliath, as the result of plague. The cheif city of Gondor, Minas Tirith was built into the Mindolluin, the easternmost of the White Mountains. The city was made of seven levels, the gate of each facing a different direction from that beneath it. The gigantic cliff face behind it rose to the citadel on the seventh level, where the White tower was built and the White Tree grew whilst the banner of the city flew overhead. The last of the royal line of Gondor had ridden to Minas Morgul and did not return, so the city was in the care of stewards until such time as the heirs of the line of kings might return.

 No enemy had ever breached the city prior to the War of the Ring, and Minas Tirith bore the weight of the struggle against Sauron. In the war the enemy made it through the gates, using Grond the ram, but made it no further. After the war the gates were rebuilt by dwarves, and the city repaired to remain the capital of Gondor. Aragorn was heir to the line of Elendil, and after the War of the Ring returned to Minas Tirith to take his rightful place as king.