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battering ram 1396.jpg

After paying a visit to my good friend Biff Byford Saxon’s indomitable singer I was delighted to be presented with their latest album “Battering Ram” my thirteenth cover for the band. On my journey back to my studio I played the album three times. The title track created a powerful image as did the Devil’s footprint and Queen of Hearts but the track that had the most impact for me was Kingdom of the Cross it reminded me of my Father albeit his nightmare was the second world war.



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“Battalion” my third cover for the band and once again a great pleasure to work with. The original artwork will be on display at this year’s Bloodstock festival in the Rock and Metal (RAM)  Gallery. Battalion will also be playing the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Saturday.



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Well the dust has settled over another awsome Bloodstock and I'm now back in my studio working on my next projects. This will include the completion of Mordor Festival, the 120 x 72 inches (183 x 305 cms) canvas exhibited unfinished at this year's inaugral Ram Gallery exhibition.I was a little concerned about exhibiting an unfinished work but given the reaction I'm glad I did, the completed work will be shown again at the Rock and Metal (RAM) Gallery at Bloodstock in 2015.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who visited the gallery showing their support over the festival weekend. Seems it wasn't such a mad idea after all. It's my intention next year to develop the gallery even further.




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Kate Bush

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Some time ago Kate purchased one of my Tolkien inspired works The Fall of Boromir Not long after I had a phone call from Kate asking would I like to go to her thirtieth birthday party, of course I said YES. Kate later decided to commision a painting, this was a landscape and within the landscape she said she would like a hare. Her idea was to have the hare outside of the canvas as part of the frame, something I wish I'd done and now of course could with the collaboration of master framers John Davies framers the craftsmen responsible for all of my Tolkien inspired frames including the latest designed by me for The Falls of Esgalduin.

After the completion of the new work titled The Anduin again inspired by Tolkien, I decided to create a still life incorporating an image of Kate from a signed photo she gave me. I also added some old maps from Tolkien's fictional universe. I sold the original, something I now regret, so decided to create a signed limited edition of only 300 copies worldwide. The edition is now available to purchase from my shop but for now here's a look at the painting which was created using my preferred medium, oil on canvas.

Framed size 58 x 63 cm approx 23 x 25 inches. Mounted ready for framing.



Each edition will be signed and numbered by the artist and carry a letter of Authenticity.






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This large Triptych was inspired by The Silmarillion and has been a work in progress for many months.Finally the bespoke frame arrived and is now hanging in my studio along with the paintings.

The frame was designed by me but created by the master carvers at John Davies Framers workshop.The painting is due for exhibition along with several other works by me in 2014.



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Having spent several years producing large canvases based on Tolkien’s epic tales, it was decided my next painting should be time lapsed for posterity. The canvas I will be working on is: 72 x 120 inches (183 x 305 cms),  this will take a few months to complete so for me it’s an exciting opportunity to see my work evolve over a shorter time via time lapse.

This venture will form part of a documentary currently being filmed, which will cover my artwork on Tolkien, Album covers and festival

The film company producing the documentary!bloodlinesmovie/c6xr

The image above shows me preparing the canvas.


Wacken Foundation T-shirt

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I'm delighted to once again produce a design for my good friends at Wacken. My last Shirt design for Wacken was in 2002 the same year I produced the artwork for Blind Guardian's A Night at the Opera and my first visit to Wacken. This design is for their foundation something I'm more than happy to support given the foundation's ethos is akin to my own.



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Creating the frames for my Tolkien inspired paintings has always been a collaboration between John Davies and Peter Nahum, however on this occasion the design of the frame was created by me whilst the hard part was created by the talented craftsmen at John's workshop.



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It was great fun for me to produce a new design for the Hobgoblin and Bloodstock T shirt. Not only for the opportunity to create the image but because Hobgoblin just so happens to be a favorite beer of mine. 

 As an adjunct, my journey with Album covers began via my Tolkien inspired work which in turn led to Bloodstock, so lets raise a glass to fantasy and the HOBGOBLIN.