The third release “Solid Book of Rock” an Exclusive Edition with a FRAMABLE PRINT of the front cover painting, SIGNED BY BIFF BYFORD himself and is limited to just 500 copies.

Includes all nine studio albums from 1991 to 2009 with eight bonus tracks and two bonus CDs – “Classics Re-Recorded” originally issued with the initial pressings of “Killing Ground”, and “Lionheart – rough studio mix” originally issued on the 2006 limited edition. Also includes three bonus DVDs – the limited edition DVDs originally released with “Lionheart”, “The Inner Sanctum” and “Into The Labyrinth”.

Beautifully house in a 24 page 12″ x 12″ booklet with all the lyrics and credits, plus photos.  

CD1 – Solid Ball Of Rock
CD2 – Forever Free
CD3 – Dogs Of War
CD4 – Unleash The Beast
CD5 – Metalhead
CD6 – Killing Ground
CD7 – Classics Re-Recorded (Bonus CD)
CD8 – Lionheart
CD9 – Lionheart Studio Audio – Rough Mix [Bonus CD]
CD10 – The Inner Sanctum
CD11 – Into The Labyrinth
DVD1 – Lionheart DVD
DVD2 – The Inner Sanctum DVD – “A Night Out With The Boys”
DVD3 – Into The Labyrinth DVD (“Perceval” – Biff plays King Arthur in this Spanish film, directed by Pablo Aragues Millan. “Let There Be Light” – documentary about the live staging and lighting. Audio interview with Biff Byford – Biff talks about the songs on“Into The Labyrinth”)

I of course purchased one of each to add to my collection.



The second release “The Vinyl Hoard” an eight album vinyl Box set, made up of four 2 LP sets in gatefold sleeves. This is the first release on vinyl for all of these live recordings, previously only released on CD or DVD. Now on on 180 gram gold vinyl, all in specially designed gatefold sleeves.


THE DOGS OF WAR TOUR, 1995 (Recorded on tour in Germany)
[Previously issued on CD as “The Eagle Has Landed Part II”]

THE LIONHEART TOUR, 2004 (Recorded on tour in France, England and Germany)
[Previously issued on “The Eagle Has Landed Part III”]

A NIGHT OUT WITH THE BOYS, 2005: THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE NWOBHM (Recorded on tour in Germany and Sweden)
[Previously issued on “The Eagle Has Landed Part III”



Well I’ve finally given myself a few moments to reflect on the Saxon box sets released by Demon music.

As an avid collector of Rock and Metal owning many original album covers, bespoke guitars, photography, books and a growing collection of vinyl I was delighted to be given the opportunity to create Covers for three box sets for Saxon. I’ve had the pleasure of painting several covers for the band Fourteen in fact until Demon music came knocking making it seventeen. Saxon’s latest Studio album which is still a work in progress will make it making it eighteen

 Back to Demon: The first the box set “Eagles and Dragons” contained all of Saxon’s classic studio albums released between 1991 and 2009.

LP1 – Solid Ball Of Rock
LP2 – Forever Free
LP3 – Dogs Of War
LP4 – Unleash The Beast
LP5 – Metalhead
LP6 – Killing Ground
LP7 – Lionheart
LP8 – The Inner Sanctum
LP9 – Into The Labyrinth

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